Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Discussion on Thursday 2

So, I think that the entire YA blogging community let out a collective breath on Tuesday as Mockingjay was released and the vast majority of them have, by now, read and reviewed the book (I am not one of them... Harry has reared his ugly head just a little on this one).

This lust over a book, especially one that has such a following, is something that happens only every so often - Harry Potter, Twilight(ish) - where there is a midnight release party with rabid fans who are practically salivating over the need to read the book before anyone else. It really brings out a different side of people, many who choose to dress as their favourite character, and it's really something to witness. I remember standing in line for the fifth(?) Harry Potter book at midnight with my mother and seeing my psycho music teacher standing in line with her equally crazy daughter, both dressed in full witch-goth garb.

*** Let me clarify; the teacher was nuts regardless and the midnight release had nothing to do with it. ***

Honestly, it's always an event that's full of such energy that even though it's incredibly late at night, in no way are you able to go to sleep. Granted, movie premieres are worse than book releases, what with people lining up for days just to ensure that they get the best seats, but no matter what, it's still so similar.

So, for this week, I have to wonder;

What springs forth the obsession with the need to read a book as soon as it is released, whether that's a midnight release or not? And what makes a book the sort of book where this obsession forms?

Let me know what you think!

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