Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Scarier the Better!

It's HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Halloween (it's my favourite holiday) and though I have to work today, it's only in the morning and I have almost the entire afternoon/evening to get ready to trick-or-treat!

Ok, yes, I am much too old to legitimately be going out trick-or-treating, but the plan is to do my three-year-old cousin's make-up all glittery and sparkelly because she's going out as a fairy. Seriously, the costume is cool; it has lights in the dress and it flashes and glows and everything!

But never fear, I'm going to be wearing something. Well, at least my make-up will be slightly done up so that it's both work and Halloween appropriate since I can't dress up to go to work.

Then I'm catching some scary movies with a friend and having an amazing night full of way too much sugar.

So to all you Goblins and Ghouls, have a fantastic night!

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