Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wish List Wednesday - Number Ten

So it’s Wednesday, which means that it’s time for this week’s wish list.

There are just so many books out there that I sometimes have trouble deciding which ones to choose to feature. Usually, I try to show books that aren’t yet released, but this week I’m going way back for one book because it’s been on my wish list for YEARS. Really, years. I’m talking, like, 9 years.

Anyways, here are this weeks books;

Written by: Tricia Rayburn
Released July 13, 2010 by EdgmontUSA
This looks so pretty and the Goodreads summary makes it sound so interesting. I’ve heard some reviews from both negative and positive points of view, but I really want to see for myself what this book is all about.

Raised by Wolves
Written by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: June 8, 2010 by EdgmontUSA
I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and I’ve wanted to buy it but there are NO copies at my local Chapters. NONE! I’ve actually noticed this with a lot of books lately and it makes me both angry and sad.

Silver Eyes
Written by: Nicole Luiken
Released: November 27, 2001 by Simon Pulse
Summary: Angel had no memory
of the secret message,
but the writing was hers.
It read, "Violet eyes lie."
In a world where humans work on Mars and loyalty is controlled by a brain chip, eighteen-year-old Angel Eastland can't retrieve her memory. Violet-eyed from the effects of a genetic experiment, she is hired as an investigator by the SilverDollar Mining Company. When she captures an nineteen-year-old fugitive named Michael Vallant, Angel senses an intimate connection with him -- one that disturbs her, especially when they kiss.
Angel's chip and her silver-eyed boss, Anaximander, one of the Augmented, tell her that Mike is a threat and must go through Loyalty Induction. But more secret messages compel Angel to resist and to help Mike. As Spacer terrorists from Mars attack SilverDollar, Angel and Mike race to and out who's really behind the unrest. Against an evil enemy who will kill to win, Angel has one chance to and her memory -- and to save her life.

Silver Eyes is the book that I’ve been looking for FOREVER. I read it at my local (at the time) library and I must have checked out it and the book before it a million times. I was able to fine a copy at a used book store for Violet Eyes, the first book, but never this one. Doesn’t it just sounds so good too? *sigh*


Swimmer said...

I hate this meme cause it makes my TBR list double!!

Anonymous said...

wow- i love this sound of silver eyes! can't wait to hear what you thought of it :)

thebookfairyhaven said...

Fabulous list - I want to read every single book that you've listed. :)