Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Stops Here

Ok, this really needs to cease and desist. It was fun when it was just Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but they’re taking the whole “let’s turn the classics into something with monsters” waaaaaaaay too far now.

I mean, look at this. They’ve made Romeo and Juliet into VAMPIRES!!!! Ok, well Juliet is the vampire by the looks of it, but HELLO this has been done; it’s called Twilight. Or any of the other countless vampire romances that are out there now where a human falls in love with a blood sucker.

If they really wanted to make a whole new Romeo and Juliet with vampires, why doesn’t someone just write a tragic love story a la R&J and slap on some bloody goodness? Why must they desecrate the classics in this way?

To be honest, I can tolerate the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, but that’s taking a historical figure and making them into something cooler. It’s complete fiction that’s ORIGINAL in its content… though not the underlying monster idea. In fact, my friend Raffia wants to make an Andrew Jackson; Werewolf novel (said idea being right now copyrighted or whatever. I had better not see this in the bookstores unless I know the author!), which sounds like it would be amazing. But I really draw the line at Shakespeare.

Really, people, come up with something original!! Still, the R&J is totally dragging me in... Sigh. Damn my love of tragedy and romance... with vampires.


Swimmer said...

I agree that is beyond dumb!

thebookfairyhaven said...

Definitely agreed! As a matter of fact, I'm steering clear of all these mash-ups.