Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From The Mouth of A

So the first episode of Pretty Little Liars is officially over and I can’t wait to see how this show is going to pan out for the entire season – which is only going to be 10 episodes.

The process of taking the book and turning it to the small screen is one which I think went extremely well aside from the physicality of some of the characters. However, I’m not so invested in the books (i.e. I haven’t been reading from the very beginning, and I’m only on book 4 now) that it bothers me like it did with Twilight (gag) and True Blood.

Episode one, the Pilot, was incredibly true to the majority of the first book though I’m betting that the reason it was only as much as it was, was so that there would end up being more than just 8 episodes.

I can’t help but wonder how exactly they’re going to potentially continue on this show into other seasons. I mean, with the Sookie Stackhouse books there is so much going on in each book that it provides material for an entire series. Sadly, PLL doesn’t offer than sort of pool to dive into. Also, are they going to expand story lines and/or add in new ones in order to stretch this out into at least a second season?

I guess this means that we’ll just have to see what next weeks bring.


AtenRa said...

When I finished the first four books I could not imagine how Shepard could possibly continue the story without it being boring.But she did.So, I think that'll happen with the series,too.If the first season is a success,that is.
Only 10 episodes????I didn't know that and if you ask me, they are not enough.

Swimmer said...

Didn't watch it but am going to soon!

Swimmer said...

Just finished watching it. It could be an amazing show, we will have to see