Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wish List Wednesday - Number Eleven

So, I thought that I would change up how Wish List Wednesday is done this week. Meaning, that I'm super lazy on this day off of mine and I don't feel like actually searching for book covers...

BUT! I have an amazing alternative.

Over at Bloody Bookaholic, Natascha has done two posts on the upcoming books of Fall, which, of course, are on my wish list.

So click here for post one.

And click here for post two.

Of course, I'm not going to leave you completely hanging. No, since Ascendant is coming out this fall and I want to read about man-eating Unicorns, I really want to read Rampant first. Here was where I was going to post a link to the Goodreads page and show the book cover, but my Internet has decided to not work properly.

Oh, no, wait. There it goes.

And since I'm feeling slightly shamed for my sluggishness, here are TWO covers for Rampant.

Personally, I like the one on the right better. The one on the left just seems too cartooney. Plus, the one on the right has the really pretty reflection of the unicorn in the sword and it's just so pretty!

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Swimmer said...

I agree about the covers! THat is a lot of books to want! (but I do too!)