Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Sweet Sweet Valley

When I was younger I was obsessed with the Sweet Valley books. Seriously, I own almost all the Sweet Valley Twins and Jr. High books (granted there aren’t that many of the latter) and I’ve read some of the Sweet Valley High books. But what really started off this love-fest of mine are the Sweet Valley Kids books – I was like 6 or something when I discovered them - and they were my gateway book drug.

And then today happened and I did a little happy dance (inside my head) while in Best Buy when I discovered the first season of Sweet Valley High on DVD. Granted the acting is absolutely horrible and it’s your typical ‘90s TV show, but I was still so excited.

When this show was on actual TV, here it was on YTV I think, I wasn’t quite old enough to watch it, plus we didn’t have cable so it really wasn’t a possibility. Now with the internet where you can catch up on lost episodes, it’s not quite such a big deal that I don’t have cable. However, I have a lot of Sweet Valley to catch up on.

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