Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vintage Tuesdays: The Ugly One?

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Written by: Gregory Maguire

Released: November 1, 1999 by HarperCollins

Summary: Gregory Maguire's chilling, wonderful retelling of Cinderella is a study in contrasts. Love and hate, beauty and ugliness, cruelty and charity--each idea is stripped of its ethical trappings, smashed up against its opposite number, and laid bare for our examination.

Since last week was Wicked, I figured that I might as well keep on the Maguire train and review this book. But then I realized that I can't fully sum up how good thing book really is without giving away too much.

The characters are a completely different take on the Cinderella fairy tale and the way that the story unfolds is so unique that you almost can believe that this was how it really happened and where the fairy tale sprung from. It's just such a rich story telling that you get so immersed in it too and can't imagine the story being any other way. It's just so refreshing seeing the story told from someone else's perspective, let alone that of the "ugly stepsister".

Then there's the ending. Oh god the ending. I wish that I could tell you but that would spoil absolutely everything.

If you haven't read any of Maguire's books yet, this is an amazing one to begin with and is ranked near the top of my list as far as his work goes. I give this a well-deserved 10/10.

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