Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Tuesdays: Different Dwarves


Written by: Tracy Lynn

Released: February 1, 2003 by Simon Pulse

Summary: In a tiny Welsh estate, a duke and duchess lived happily, lacking only a child -- or, more importantly, a son and heir to the estate. Childbirth ultimately proved fatal for the young duchess. After she died, the duke was dismayed to discover that he was not only a widower, but also father to a tiny baby girl. He vowed to begin afresh with a new wife, abandoning his daughter in search of elusive contentment.

Independent -- virtually ignored -- and finding only little animals and a lonely servant boy as her companions, Jessica is pale, lonely and headstrong...and quick to learn that she has an enemy in her stepmother. "Snow," as she comes to be known, flees the estate to London and finds herself embraced by a band of urban outcasts. But her stepmother isn't finished with her, and if Jessica doesn't take control of her destiny, the wicked witch will certainly harness her youth -- and threaten her very life....

The reason that I first even bought this book way back several years is because it was priced at something like $5.00 for some sort of promotion and I thought ‘hey, why not give it a chance?’ so I did. And I am so glad for it.

This was the book that really got me started into reading modernized fairy tales and the fact that it’s a part of the Once Upon a Time series (one which is penned by several different authors) opened one of those floodgates. And since then I’ve read this particular book so many times.

What I really love about this book is how it takes the fairy tale of Snow White and puts this scientific, horrific, mutant spin on it. I love how the evil stepmother is a mad scientist and how Snow White is brought back to ‘life’ at the end. Plus, her prince is so dreamy and amazing.

Ok, that’s a really bad way of explaining the book but I can’t think of how else to put it into words. You should just trust me a read the book. It’s a complete 9/10.

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