Friday, July 16, 2010

A Book for All Seasons?

In this heat there are two options: Stay inside where there's air-conditioning, or search out somewhere where there is air-conditioning. Unfortunately, both end in you eventually melting into a puddle from the humidity.

Fortunately, I work in an office where it's kept so nice and cold that long pants and a winter sweater are required unless you want to freeze. It's so nice to come in out of the heat and into that freezer, let me tell you. But the rest of the time I'm left sweltering and longing for Autumn if not Winter. Although I hate snow more than I hate the humidity (though not by much) so Autumn is preferable.

But in this heat, no matter where you are, it seems to me as though it's too hot to really read unless you're parked right in front of blasts of cold air with a bottle of ice water beside you. It's gotten to the point, now, that I don't want to read even though I really, really want to, nay, have to since my TBR pile is almost taking on a life of its own.

So this dilemma has gotten me wondering; is reading more of a non-summer sport (aside from pool-side and beach reading) where it's more comfortable to curl up and immerse oneself in a completely different life, or am I just crazy and the heat has officially fried my brain?

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Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said...

Oh gosh, please can we swap countries. It's winter here and I'm longing for summer. To answer your question, I can actually read in both summer and winter - but I do think there are days when the humidity of summer does get to me.