Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wish List Wednesday - Number Seventy-Two

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord
Written by: Sarah J. Maas
Released: January 13, 2012 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Summary: A Throne of Glass novella.
On a remote island in a tropical sea, Celaena Sardothien, feared assassin, has come for retribution. She's been sent by the Assassin's Guild to collect on a debt they are owed by the Lord of the Pirates. But when Celaena learns that the agreed payment is not in money, but in slaves, her mission suddenly changes - and she will risk everything to right the wrong she's been sent to bring about.
Yes, this novella is already available from BUT;
1.       I don’t have a Kindle
2.       I don’t want to download more crap onto my computer
3.       I refuse to spend money on e-books
That all being said, I would break all my rules to read this one, but I really hope that Bloomsbury releases all four novellas (the next three coming out in the months before Throne of Glass) in print like Spencer Hill Press did for Jennifer L. Armintrout’s Daimon. I will pay triple the price for a printed version so that it would sit all nice on my shelf. If I’m really lucky they’ll do a bind-up of all four after they’re released.

So, please Bloomsbury, please? I know that I’m not the only person who would buy printed versions!!

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Hanna said...

I was hooked on this the second I saw the title!

It looks great, something a bit different. I do have a soft spot for Assassin's though, it's strange...