Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (14)

There are a lot of books that I’m excited to read in this new year, but these are the ones which are also slated to come out in 2012. If I listed all the books I’m excited to read period in the next twelve months it would take almost that long to type out the list.
So, in no particular order, (though #1 is definitely my #1 NEED TO READ excited for this year) I present my top ten books I’m excited to read in 2012!
1. Queen of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
2. Onyx by Jennifer L. Armintrout
I need me some more smoking hot aliens.
3. Embers and Echoes by Karsten Knight
After an ending like Wildefire had, I NEED to know what happens next for my own sanity.
4. Taken by Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The conclusion! I have to find out what happens!
5. The Pledge #2 by Kimberly Derting
Even though it doesn’t have a title, my love of the first novel makes me want to read this one ASAP and not next fall.
6. Tempest Unleashed by Tracy Deebs
I need more mermaids in my life.
7. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
le sigh. I need more love.
8. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
Let me love of mermaid novels continue with this awesome-sounding debut!
9. The Selection by Kiera Cass
This book sounds AWESOME.
10. Timeless by Gail Carriger
I have this one pre-ordered from The Book Depository already and I can’t wait to read it!!
Leave me a line and a link to your TTT post! I love seeing other people’s lists.

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Julia said...

Love Gail Carriger!! I think I missed a book though... better just reread them all to be safe :)

The Reading Enchantress said...

Great list! I haven't heard of a lot of these books, but I'm definitely going to look them up!
Thanks for stopping by!

Michael @ The Bookshelf Review said...

Awesome List. Thanks for visiting my Top Ten. =] I still need to read some of the previous books from the ones that are coming out this year that you picked. =]
My Top Ten

Kristina said...

Great list of books
Pledge, Embers, Poseidon...


Anonymous said...

The Selection does sound interesting! It's so hard narrowing these lists down to just 10!

Lori said...

Awesome list! I can't wait for The Selection! And I didn't even think about Embers & Echos! Now I can't wait for that.
My Top Ten Tuesday

Kelly said...

Of Poseidon! I can't wait for all of the mer-tales coming out in 2012; great list!

Top 10 Tuesday

Radiant Shadows

Michelle said...

I had no idea that The Pledge #2 is coming out in 2012- gah!! So exciting! That would have made my list for sure! Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten :)

Kate said...

I forgot about The Pledge #2! That will be a good one.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot about Onyx! I can't wait for that one either. Great list.

-FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews
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Aeicha @ Word Spelunking said...

I'm super excited for Isla too!

:) Aeicha @ Word Spleunking

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree that The Selection sounds great; I will certainly be watching for that one. I have high hopes for Isla and the Happily Ever After. I loved Anna, but could not get through Lola. I don't want to be disappointed again.

Just a Lil Lost said...

Oooh good call on The Selection! It totally looks amazing!
I just finished Obsidian a few days ago so definitely looking forward to Onyx!

Michele | Top 10

Melissa said...

great list, we have a few in common and I have to agree I need more mermaids in my life!

Amber said...

We're waiting on a lot of the same things though I didn't list many of the ones you have here. Of Poseidon is definitely high up on my list too!

Kara said...

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks just looks so good!