Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYC and BEA - Day Three

I am so incredibly, totally, happily exhausted. Today was the first day on the exhibit floor and even though I ache all over, it was the best day. I met incredible people, got wish list books signed (plus, I just got amazing books).

I attended signings for Rachel Vincent, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Jeff Hirsch, Sarah Dessen, and Ally Carter – to name a few – and I was able to snag a couple of books to give away here so be sure to stay tuned!

But, really, I am so beyond tired and I’m getting up super early in the morning so that I can get to Javits before the ticket booth opens – I NEED a ticket for Rick Riordan! – so I’m going to make this an incredibly short post, go wash my face, and then I’m going to watch 16 and Pregnant while I fall asleep.

Hopefully (if you’re there) I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Chelle said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you're having fun. I hope you get that ticket for Rick Riordan!