Friday, May 28, 2010

Writing Challenge - Day... 22?

Could someone let me know what day it is in the Page A Day Writing Challenge over at Books, Writing and More, Oh My!!! because I’m really not sure but I think that it’s day 22. Anyways, either way, I’m posting

So today I wanted to try something a little different and I’m not really sure how it turned out. Let me know if it doesn’t work or if it does work and at the end you’re all ‘what the hell’, which was what I’m going for. I had a bit of a hard time writing this because I didn’t want to give anything away until the end, but by doing that I don’t know if it made it seem cluttered or something.

Well, whatever. Here it is for better or (hopefully not) worse!

Alexi the Temptress

The din was almost unbearable with the constant to and fro from both above and all around. Stage hands were rushing to set up the first scene before curtain; practiced though they were they were also cutting it extremely short.

Alone at a dressing table sat Alex who was succeeding at blocking out everything with an iPod and a good set of ear-buds, the cord snaking around Alex’ back and up the spine before resting in-ear. This was a trick that Alex had learned from the great Cheryl who was the star of then entire show. Cheryl had taken Alex under her wing from the very first day and taught every trick in the book. The cord around the back was to prevent it from getting in the way of the make-up process; a heavy task indeed. With all the bright stage lights, everything was shellacked on, sealed twice, and as thick as you could bear.

Yes, thanks to Cheryl, Alex now knew how to lift, tuck, and camouflage any imperfection in order to bring out the best physique possible. Cheryl explained the importance of glitter, hair pieces, and falsies. Alex wouldn’t have been able to apply a set of fake eyelashes even at gunpoint before without gluing the upper to the lower lash-line. Alex also now knew how to highlight, conceal, and contour the face in order to get numerous different effects whether it was supposed to be chiselled or soft.

“Have a great show tonight”, came a voice from behind Alex as the passerby proceeded to the stage door. Misty, a lanky redhead was the opening act and took that seriously and her five inch heels clacked noisily as she scurried by.

“Five minutes Alex”, the stage manager Franc yelled through the dispersing crowd.

Alex nodded as if to show that the warning was heard and quickly swiped another coat of lip gloss. Four minutes more and it was show time. The only thing left to do was make sure that the wig was firmly secured to the head and Alex would be completely transformed from a mild-mannered accountant into Alexi the Temptress who belted out the songs and danced like there was no tomorrow.

Just as Alex was about to stand, high heels firmly on feet, the black cell phone on the dressing table rang, the tune one designated for Alex’s little sister. Sighing, the call needing to be answered, Alex flipped it open and held it loosely to the ear.

“I’m just about to go onstage Becky. Can I call you after I’m done?”

“This will just take a second. I’m just calling to tell you to break a leg. And to say that Mom and Dad are going to be in the audience with me. They wanted to see you perform and see what it was all about. After all, it’s not every day that their son takes the stage of a local night club dressed as a woman.”

Alex sighed again as stress and nerves entered into his body. His parents had never come to see any of his shows, the shock that their athletic son was choosing to become a woman three nights a week still floating through their system. Tonight was a step in the right direction though, which meant that Alex needed to give his best ever.

“Thanks Becky, I’ll see you after the show. Love you.” And after there was a quick response, Alex flipped the phone shut and threw it back onto his dressing table in one fluid motion while standing and starting towards the stage.

Tonight was going to be his greatest night. And as the crowd roared with applause for Misty, who was exiting stage left, Alexi the Temptress took over and entered stage left ready to perform.

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