Thursday, May 6, 2010

Snob Squad: The Fourth

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers: A Clique Novel

Written by: Lisi Harrison

Released: October 5, 2010 by Little, Brown Readers

Summary: The holidays are over and Massie’s room is chock full of new things from Santa: jeans, sweater, and a new . . . roommate? Once Claire unpacks, Massie’s room feels more crowded than a Zac Posen sample sale. But what’s worse, Claire isn’t the only person moving into Massie’s territory.
Alicia’s hot, Spanish cousin, Nina, shows up from Spain and starts edging in on all the Briarwood boys, including Massie’s crush! Will Nina, with her super-tight mall clothes, make every boy in Westchester fall in love with her? Or will Massie toss her out faster than last seasons Sevens jeans?
The social minefields of Westchester County’s most privileged middle school girls drive the page-turning action of this addictive series, set in New York City’s most elite suburban county.
The Clique . . . the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.

I really think that I shouldn’t have skipped books two and three since they haven’t been at the library the last few times I was there. It seems as though I missed out on so much information pertaining to the developments within the lives of the main characters. Still, the way that the books are written, it was easy enough to fill in the blanks and keep reading. The way that the book is written allows for that to easily be accomplished and it always seems to give a little bit of the back story when addressing past events.

As far as this specific book goes, it was alright. I can understand why someone of a younger mind-set would really enjoy these books and as a reaction to such would catapult the books onto the New York Times Bestseller list but I just cannot always relate to what is going on. I mean, a cousin coming to live with you, sure, I get that, but the constant wonderings if a seventh grader looks too slutty… not so much. Maybe it’s my small-town, Catholic school upbringing but I never wondered if I looked too much like a slut, or was acting like a slut, and I don’t think I ever saw girls my own age dressing like a slut either. Maybe I just lived a sheltered existence.

I think that these books would be good for a girl who is in grade 6-8, maybe a little older or younger depending on the maturity level, but for me they’re just a series of books that I can turn my brain off for and relax while reading. I do find them entertaining on the slightly ridiculous scale, but I can see where they reflect things that actually happen to people of all ages. So, I’m giving this book a 5/10.

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