Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Children of Gods: The Audio Book - Take Five - part II

So, I was finally able to finish listening to The Last Olympian on audio disk, especially since I was booted from the library’s hold list. The beginning of this review can he found here, including the publishing information.

All I can say is that this was amazing. The last few chapters had so much happening in them that, though I kept falling asleep, I was so involved that it took all my concentration. Hence the falling asleep while concentrating on it so hard and trying to get every word. I mean, I kept wanting to find out who the spy was, where Kronos’ Achilles heel (figuratively, of course) was, and how everything was going to go down. I also wanted to see Percy and Annabeth finally together. I was not disappointed on any front, though it took three weeks.

This is such a 10/10 book that it’s not funny. I still want to read the actual book, but it’s not such a dire need now that I’ve finally listened to the entire thing.

I still wish that I had read it though… audio book listening just isn’t the same. However, L.A. Meyer’s Curse of the Blue Tattoo (a Bloody Jack novel) is the next one I’ll be listening to since the library didn’t have a print copy.

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