Monday, May 17, 2010

When It’s Just Not Enough…

Last month, during one of my frequent trips to the library, I picked up a few books that I thought looked amazing, that I had heard great things about, and that I was really excited to read. For some unknown reason (probably since I’m moving today and thus cannot renew them anymore) I just wasn’t able to get around to reading them; meaning suddenly I just couldn’t bring myself to crack them open.

I don’t know if this happens to a lot of other people, but I rarely choose books that I just plain old don’t read. If it turns out that it wasn’t what I expect, I stop reading them but I at least give them a chance.

Maybe once I get settled this week and am able to make it into town, I’ll see if I can get them out of the library. However, my own books are piling up and I really want to read them, so the library may take a back-burner for a few weeks.

Here are the books that I just wasn’t able to get around to.

Cracked Up to Be – Courtney Summers
Bewitching Season – Marissa Doyle

Winter’s End – Jean-Claude Mourlevat
Here Lies Arthur – Philip Reeve

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