Sunday, May 9, 2010

SOOOOOO Frustrated!

So I was supposed to get The Last Olympian around now from the library and when I went in there today I figured that I would ask just in case the book was overdue. I then found out that not only have I been on this list for over a month, but somehow I was taken off the list within the last few weeks. They then asked if I wanted to be placed BACK on the list. At the bottom. Below several other people.

This means that I’m going to have to wait a few more weeks at least until I can get my hands on a different copy at a different library (because I’m moving next week).

It is situations like these that make me really rather buy my own books. And it’s all the more reason that I’m going to get my hands on the box set as soon as possible… after I get the fifth book from the library.

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