Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wish List Wednesday - One Bad-Ass Cinderella

Queen of Glass

Written by: Sarah J. Maas

I am so excited about this book that I don’t think that I can put it into words. I remember reading this in the early 2000s when it was still being posted on FictionPress and I fell in love with it then. So, of course, I was slightly heart-broken when it was taken down but that has eased since I found out that it’s going to be PUBLISHED for real. By Bloomsbury USA. As in I can physically touch a book that contains the most original and amazing Cinderella-inspired story ever.

I don’t think that I have ever felt excitement over a book like I do this one; I mean, I’m practically giddy and when I first found out through Goodread my jaw dropped and I did a little happy dance. But then I controlled myself and checked Ms. Maas’ livejournal to confirm only to give another little happy dance. So, of course, this decided the fact that this book should be the first I add as my first ever Wish List Wednesday even though it’s not slated for release until next year as a multi-book series. I think the count was at 4 books to cover the entirety of the story. That’s some serious Cinderella amazingness.

The whole concept of the book is just so phenomenal too; “Cinderella” is an assassin who falls for the prince. There’s a castle made of glass and there are fairies, sea-voyages, romance, a character that’s more ‘Cinderella’ than the main “Cinderella”… That’s a little confusing, I know, but it’s been a few years since I even though about it and more since then since I actually read it so you’ll have to forgive me for the lack of details. Point is, it’s AMAZING from what I remember and it can only get better when I re-read it in a year or so.

I only wish that there were a cover to go along with it but that will come with time.

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