Friday, April 9, 2010

Supposed to Be - FP Friday

Better Together

Written by: Templeton21

Rated: M

Summary: After her fiancé dumps her, Violet Littleton wants nothing to do with love and the entire ridiculous concept of it. But then, she meets his eyes from across the bar. It was only supposed to be a one night stand. Supposed to be anyway.

I remember reading this when it was first being posted on a different site but I was pleasantly surprised when it was re-posted on FictionPress and since then it’s been one of those on-line books that I have always come back to, to re-read. Unfortunately, it’s one of the only fully completed stories still listed online since there have been so many plagiarism problems, especially for this author. Still, this is a great story of hers and it’s one of my favourites. Some of her other work can be found through her blogspot.

There’s just something so compelling about the characters and the situations that they are thrust into; I mean, who can’t relate to the heart-wrenching feelings associated with utter heart-break. It’s also the idea that you can, in fact, meet someone at the bar, have a one-night stand, and in doing such find the love of your life. I suppose that it’s the whole “true love” idea that really appeals to the reader.

The characters are realistic and easy to relate to especially since every personality type is covered. Though I don’t mean that in the necessarily cliché way that you tend to see in other books and movies. You’re not going to find your spoiled rich kid who hangs with the preppy athletic type who is dating the perfect prom queen. Of course since the characters are also of an older age (think mid-twenties), you’re not going to get those high-school types but those types do grow up eventually and they’re definitely not here.

The plot is simple, though not overly simple, but that just makes it a nice enjoyable read. It’s a lovely romance that makes you want to truly believe in true love and “the one”.

Overall I’m giving this a 7/10. It’s not the best thing in the writer’s repertoire but it’s definitely worth a read or four.

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