Friday, April 16, 2010

Legends, Hunters and Werewolves – Oh My! - FP Friday

A Forbidden Love

Written by: Haybell

Rated: T

Summary: Life is totally unfair sometimes. I have to pick between three gorgeous werewolf alphas, one of which will end up being my mate for life. I have to choose one to save my village. Did I mention that I had to become a werewolf too? Well I do. Great...

I read this back in January and though it has its grammatical and tense problems, the story itself was lovely and the first chapter was enough to get me curious to read the remainder.

At the time, I posted a few reviews on the site and quoting myself, “plot-wise, I enjoyed this. There were enough twists and turns to keep it interesting though there were several plot holes – like people suddenly being gone from the conversation and not really explained why, and it would have made more sense to have the hunter from the end be mentioned even just in passing before he suddenly showed up”.

I also had some other writing advice to make things flow better since the author was contemplating attempting to get it published. Anyways, this is a bit ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with the main character being sent away from home to appease an arrangement that her father had made. It was its own fairy tale-ish story, though, with a touch of mystery, supernatural, and romance. As a reader you are drawn in to the wonderment on which Paige, the main character, will choose to marry. Each suitor has his own attractive qualities and it’s a real nail-biter.

One of the real draws – for me anyways – to this story was not only the supernatural romance but the fact that it is complete and there’s an accompanying story already over (currently) 27 chapters and 104,193 words. It’s always nice to read a story that is complete so that you’re not waiting for the next updates; this is the one drawback to reading things online.

In the end, I think that I am going to give this a 6/10 – the grammatical and plot holes made the rating lower. I really do think that with work this could be absolutely amazing and a great read on-line with who knows what possibilities in the future. However, there are two chapters newly posted (as of this review) that are revisions under a new name. I believe that this is something that I am going to check out soon. From the summary, it sounds like a lot of work has gone into it and that it’s going to be pretty good!

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