Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Monday - You Put the Witch in Witchcraft

Lately I’ve been on a real Bewitched kick. No, not that horrible movie adaptation starring that redhead and the really not funny guy, but the original series starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York/Sargent, and Agnes Moorehead.
A couple months back I found a double pack of seasons one and two (in colour) and since then I’ve been watching them non-stop. While I was on vacation I was able to pick up seasons four and five and I’ve been watching them ever since. In fact, I’m starting season five as I’m writing this post.
I fell in love with this television series from the first time that I watched it (years ago) and it has been one that I’ve wanted to own and watch in its completion ever since. Aside from how Darrin can be a dick (pun intended) about Samantha and witchcraft, I love the characters right from Sam to suspicious old Mrs. Kravitz.
I also love how it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. For example, there are several characters that get replaced throughout the course of the show. Dick Sargent replacing Dick York as Darrin is prime example, but there were also two Louise Tate’s and two Gladys Kravitz’s. There are little quips made in passing conversation about how ‘a character can change overnight’ or how ‘a person looks differently than they did the last time’.
My favourite character has to be Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead. She is just so bad and she makes me laugh every time. Her little zings at the expense of Darrin and how utterly flamboyant she is in both her mannerisms and her way of dressing. If I was a more outgoing person I would totally do her big eyeliner and bright blue eye shadow for work. However at times I get enough stares at my shadow choices (bright yellow!), but only when I’m working in the cosmetics department.
Comparing the effects that they used for this show with todays examples would leave you wanting, but you have to admit that for the ‘60s they were pretty neat. Sure the strings sometimes show, but most of the time it was pretty spectacular. Besides, most of the time I’m admiring the costuming, so I don’t notice the little mess-ups.
This is definitely a favourite and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this sort of show. Plus, it’s a great family program and is great for the kids! 9.5/10!

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