Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teaser Chapters from Over Seas!

If you head over here, you can read a sample chapter of Rosie by Mariam Maarouf which comes out this January. From the summary (which can be read below and found here on Goodreads) it looks as though it could have great potential. However, after reading the sample chapter... I don’t want to be mean but I really hope that this isn’t the edited version.
Don’t get me wrong; it does show potential to be good, but the ebb and flow is just so not where it could be. Of course, the author is also a very young debut – she’s only 16 according to her website – and English isn’t her first language, so allowances could be made on inexperience and translation. Those are, with time, things that come later with both practice, guidance, and practical use and are something that I can easily see happening in the near future.

I’m divided as to whether or not I’ll read this when it comes out in the new year. More than likely, I won’t buy it but hopefully my local library will get a copy or I’ll be able to find someone to borrow it from. For right now, though, after that teaser chapter, I’m leaning more towards not reading it. But, maybe there are still editing processes to do and that’s not the final copy.

One thing, though, that I did enjoy from the teaser was that is seems to be incredibly multicultural; something that’s a bit of an oddity with any literature.

Anyways, here’s the cover and the summary. Just by looking at the cover, it looks like it won’t relate to the story in any way so I’m curious as to whether or not it will.

Summary: In life, nothing is the same as it seems. People create masks –identities – to hide who they really are –some for noble reasons, or nefarious ones, but only a tiny fraction because they must.

Alessandra and Damien, or Rosalie and Daniel, were once the Princess and Prince of La Pacifica until they were forced out of the beautiful island. Eight months flew by, and they finally began to settle in Alexandria, Egypt, when they found out that they didn’t leave their past behind them, and that they were both wanted urgently.


What do you think? Would you read it?

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Mariam Maarouf said...

Hey -k,

Thank you so much for the honest review of the teaser - though I must have said that it isn't really a teaser, but just the first chapter and the prologue; were I allowed to choose whatever chapter I wanted, I would've picked a MUCH stronger one.

And, yes, that's an excerpt from the ARC, so this is not the final copy and the book will go through at least two rounds of revisions before the final print.

About the cover, though, it does relate to the story - I've explained that in the FAQ's. Here it is:
Q. Why the cherry tree on Rosie's cover?

A. It's kind of serving the point - instead of putting a photo of a model who looks exactly like the MC, I decided to make it...symbolic. Everything in the cover has a hidden meaning, even the colors; the cherry tree refers to the female main character (delicate, young, vulnerable, and wanted), the colors that cover the tree refer to different phases of her life, and the color of the title is the color of her (and her brother's) eyes - aquamarine.

Again thank you so, so much for being honest.