Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-Contest Contest Winners!

Well, Saturday has come and gone and the clear winner was clearly Delirium by Lauren Oliver, so stay tuned for the next contest featuring that novel.

I want to thank everyone for their amazing book ideas and for taking the time to enter into the contest. Hopefully if you weren't lucky with this giveaway the next one will be better! Now, as for the pre-contest contest, I've decided that everyone who voted for Delirium is going to get a second vote in the next giveaway so long as they enter! And so, the list of extra participants is;

Cass (Words on Paper)
Jamie - I'm a guy, btw!

Then, I did the diplomatic thing and asked my dad to choose a number to decide who won their book choice. And the winner is ...

Tina and her book choice of Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce. As soon as I can, I'll be e-mailing her with all the details.


Tina (Book Couture) said...

Hey! I just stumbled onto your amazing blog, and I'm definitely following for more reviews.

I got excited when I saw "Tina" because I thought it was me...ah well. :)
Anyway, I love your posts, and your awesome blog layout!

Happy reading,
Tina @ Book Couture

Kelly aka yllektra(force-oblique) said...

Congrats Tina!

Kelly @ I Work For Books

Shannon said...

Thanks for letting everyone who suggested Delirium get an extra entry into the contest and congrats to Tina!