Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flower Language


Written by: Amy Brecount White

Released: March 2, 2010 by Greenwillow Books

Summary: When someone leaves three mystery flowers outside her dorm door, Laurel thinks that maybe the Avondale School isn't so awful after all — until her own body starts to freak out. In the middle of her English presentation on the Victorian Language of Flowers, strange words pop into her head, and her body seems to tingle and hum. Impulsively, Laurel gives the love bouquet she made to demonstrate the language to her spinster English teacher. When that teacher unexpectedly and immediately finds romance, Laurel suspects that something — something magical — is up. With her new friend, Kate, she sets out to discover the origins and breadth of her powers by experimenting on herself and others. But she can’t seem to find any living experts in the field of flower powers to guide her. And her bouquets don't always do her bidding, especially when it comes to her own crush, Justin. Rumors about Laurel and her flowers fly across campus, and she's soon besieged by requests from girls — both friends and enemies — who want their lives magically transformed — just in time for prom.

I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to write and post this review. Honestly, I finished the book months ago and have just never gotten around to writing the review.

I thought that this would be a nice little book to read – the cover is gorgeous and I sort of went from that – and I wasn’t disappointed. Though slightly fluffy, I really liked the entire flower concept and how flowers have their meaning. I seriously wanted someone to send me flowers soon after I was done reading so that I could find out what all the meanings were.

The characters were your typical boarding school, slightly younger, characters. They were cute and realistic with all forms and cliques represented. The teenage angst was well written, I thought, with the completely pointless bits of life creating the biggest drama imaginable (and I mean that in a good way towards the writing).

Laurel was a likeable character; she was clueless and yet brilliant; basically your typical YA teenager, but her emotions were heartfelt and relatable. Through her the pitfalls of being popular were displayed really well and you could smell the desperation at times, it was that good. Plus, her character was a genuinely good person who wanted to help others even when they were horrible to her.

In all, I’m giving this book a 6.5/10. It was well executed and was amazingly original. I can’t wait to read more by Amy Brecount White; she is a fantastic debut author.

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