Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Monday - A Horrible High School Reunion

You Again

Written by: Moe Jelline

Directed by: Andy Fickman

Released: September 24, 2010 by Touchstone Pictures

Rating: PG

Summary: When a young woman realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors.

I went with my mum to see this movie a few weeks ago and it was just as I thought it would be; a good mother-daughter movie outing. Because of that, and the actresses who are in this movie, I really wanted to see this movie period. I mean, come on, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver together in a movie is bound to be great, right? And I’ll admit that I’ve had a bit of a girl-crush on Kristen Bell ever since Veronica Mars was on television. That was one great show.

Anyways, the story is very simplistic and cute, but it never really goes beyond that. One thing that is does show, however, is that high school isn’t forever and you’ll get out of it eventually and actually have a real life. Because of that, there wasn’t really much to this movie. There were several laughs, a lot due to Betty White, but the laugh that they really tried too hard with, like in the scenes with Kristin Chenoweth fell flat. In fact, I thought that her character was incredibly annoying.

One definite plus were the cute guys who were in the movie. Though relatively unknown, their hotness made looking at the screen just that much more enjoyable.

This movie was an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, but it’s hardly praise worthy. Don’t get me wrong, it was sweet and funny, but nothing about it was all that special. I’m giving it a 6/10.

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