Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short Sexy Non-YA Times

Cosmo’s Sexiest Stories Ever
Written by: Jane Greene, Jennifer Weiner, and Meg Cabot
Released: August 23, 2011 by Hearst Books
Summary: The world’s best-selling magazine for young women asked three best-selling authors to each write a story steamy enough for the pages of Cosmo—a tall order, but these ladies so delivered. The trio of tantalizing tales was such a hit that they’ve been compiled into this must-have ebook. Now, readers can devour these naughty little nuggets whenever, wherever. Here’s a taste of the deliciousness inside:
 “Sex Under the Stars” by Jane Green
Maggie’s marriage fell apart three years ago—and now she has her eyes set on her ex-hubby’s smoke-show of a best friend. 
Birthday Sex She’ll Never Forget” by Jennifer Weiner
Daphne’s turning twenty-six, and the best damn gift she could have ever asked for comes in the form of a hot guy from her past—and his spine-tingling mattress moves. 
Falling in Lust at the Jersey Shore” by Meg Cabot
When Gemma agrees to go in on a house at the Jersey Shore, she assumes every dude there will be a gorilla juicehead. So she is pleasantly surprised by the yummy piece of eye candy waiting for her when she arrives.
Steamy? Check. Fantasy inducing? Check. Safe-sex practicing? Check. These short (super short) stories have it all.
I was a little surprised to see this on NetGalley but it intrigued me to I clicked the request button. I thought that it would be more like those horrible compilation romance novels that are meant to make the reader buy the full-length spin-off whatnot when it comes out. However I also figured that I couldn’t go wrong with Meg Cabot being one of the authors, so I took a chance.
I loved to see that there were three short one-shot stories. Each was about seven pages long (on my e-reader) and it was a nice foray into a non-YA novel for a little while.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I’m giving it a 9/10. If you’re on NetGalley check it out!

PS: These stories are totally NSFW.

As always, my thanks to everyone through NetGalley who made it possible for me to read this e-book.

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