Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (13)

This week the topic is top childhood favourites. I was always a bookworm and started reading from a really young age – like before kindergarten – so I had a plethora to choose from. However, I picked the ones that affected me the most even now into my adulthood. A lot of them I still reread even now as an enjoyable way to dabble back into my childhood.
And so, in no particular order my picks this week are;

1. Peter PanGuys, Tinkerbell swears in this novel! I was so worried that I was reading something that I shouldn’t be the first time I got it out from the library.
2. A Little PrincessI used to read this backstage when I was performing in theatre productions and it zenned me out.
3. The Secret GardenIt took me a while to get through this one but I love rereading it even now.
4. Charlotte’s WebThe first real chapter book that I ever had to read in school in grade 3.
5. The Baby Sitter Club/Baby Sitter Little Sister series
I think I’ve read every one. I was always so jealous of my cousin when we were kids because she was older and able to read the BSC books before I was.
6. Sweet Valley Kids/Sweet Valley TwinsI collect the SVT books now and I’ve accumulated most of them! The SVK books I pass on to one of my younger cousins.
7. Farmer Boy by Laure Ingalls Wilder
My aunt and I still have inside jokes about this novel almost 20 years later. I must have read this book 50 times as a kid.
8. Fairy TalesI had this huge blue hardcover book with 100 fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleepy Hollow, and Aladdin, plus some of the more unknown ones. It’s falling apart I read it so much.
9. Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel
These books were ones that were always in my classrooms when I was in younger grades. The teacher would read them to us too.
10. The Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer
I found an omnibus of these books at Wal-Mart and give it as a baby gift to my friend’s son when he was born. I signed it ‘From Auntie Kittie’ since Katherine is a bit too much for a little kid to handle sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I love the little critter series lately, although I only read it recently with my boyfriend's nieces. Adorable!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Babysitter Club and Sweet Valley are two series that parents at my library always ask me about. Both are out of print now. Sad.

Here's my Top Ten!

Karis Jacobstein said...

Great choices! Farmer Boy is one of my favorite Little House books!

My Top Ten

Alexa said...

I've read all of these books except Frog and Toad. A Little Princess & The Secret Garden are books I used to reread a lot, mainly because I wanted to experience the same adventures :)

Sarah said...

Farmer Boy is great, but it makes me unbearably hungry every time I read it. Those meals!

I couldn't believe how funny Peter Pan was when I finally read it as an adult.