Sunday, December 4, 2011

In My Mailbok (76)

I’ve been so good! Granted, it’s not exactly by choice since I’ve quite literally been working non-stop for the last few weeks, but the point of the matter is that I haven’t bought a book in at least two weeks! I have, however, gotten a few books in the mail.

For review from Raincoast Books;

If I Tell by Janet Gurtler
Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
Thank you a million times over! If I Tell was promptly stolen by a co-worker who works in the post office as soon as I opened the package. Seriously, she grabbed it, briefly read the summary, and set it aside stating that “she would give it back to me later”. It was a failed battle before it began so I just laughed. I made her promise to write a review to post here, though!

From TBD;
Curse of the Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer
This one was one that I ordered several weeks ago and it showed up last week. Now I have them all in pretty paperback!
From NetGalley;
Allegiance by Cayla Kluver
So, so, so excited for this one but I haven't been able to download it yet due to my snail-paced connection.

Ok folks, that’s all for me this week! I’m hoping to keep up this non-book ban streak of not buying books! (unless we get some really good ones in at work...) Leave me a line and let me know what you got in your mailbox this week!

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Giselle said...

Ooh I really want to get a copy of If I Tell too soon I hear it's awesome!

Xpresso Reads

A Beautiful Madness said...

Great Mailbox dear! I really liked If I tell. Hope you enjoy it too!
A Beautiful Madness