Friday, November 18, 2011

Cover Reveal - More Mermaids Please!

Look, Look, Look!

Isn't it pretty? I'll admit I'm more of a fan of the original but I do enjoy the continuation that this cover provides. The face looks too old, though, in my opinion and it's different than the first. But I love the colour use!

Summary: Tempest Maguire is happy with her decision to embrace her mermaid nature and live among her mother’s clan within the ocean’s depths. Even though training to one day ascend the throne for the aging mermaid queen is rigorous, she finds refuge in the arms of Kona, the selkie who first opened her up to her mermaid side.
But when word comes that one of her brothers has been gravely injured on land, Tempest immediately rushes to his side—which also brings her back to her old flame, Mark. And in her absence, a deadly battle begins raging at the hands of Tempest’s old nemesis, the sea witch Tiamat.
As the dangerous war erupts, Tempest’s two loves—Kona and Mark, sea and land—will collide for the first time, both to protect her and to force her to choose.

Doesn't it sound fantastic too? I can't wait for next summer (June 5th) for Walker Children's to release this one!

Stay tuned later today for my review of Tempest Rising!

Ps: Sorry that the photo is so blurry, but the Goodreads picture isn't that big and I can't find a better resolution. Also, keep in mind this may not be the final cover.

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Dazzling Mage said...

Oooh, mermaid book! This sounds great, and I've been seeing Tempest Rising a lot in stores. Should pick it up soon~