Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday - Starry Night


Written by: Katie Wech

Directed by: Joe Nussbaum

Released: April 29, 2011

Rating: PG

Summary: A group of teenagers get ready for their high school prom.

Well, it’s prom season again, which means that this movie review is very fitting.

My high school prom was horrible. My date was just a friend who left half-way through, the air conditioning was broken so everyone was melting, the food was sub-par, the music was country (I loathe country music), and no one stayed until the end; instead they all opted to go to the field party after-party. Also, looking back, my hair was fried and straw-like, my makeup was disgusting, and I really dislike my dress. In short, it was super bad.

I think this is why I wanted to see this movie so much. Sure, the trailer made it seem really kitschy and sickeningly adorable, but I wanted to be able to live that ideal prom experience even if it was just vicariously through a Disney movie. I also think that this is why I enjoyed it so much.

This was a very cute movie. It was incredibly stereotypical in every way of the “perfect” high school, but from the makers of High School Musical and every well-known princess movie it can only be expected. The problems were the “typical” high school problems and while I was smirking my slight disgust, I was also melting at the sweetness of it all.

Whether you’ve already had your prom or you’re still anticipating it, this is a great movie to see. I’m giving it a 6/10.

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