Friday, June 1, 2012

This Is Why I Love You

Yay! You’re here for my stop in the 30 Days of Daemon BlogTour! Today’s topic is the many reasons whyI love Daemon!

Ok, so there are many reasons why I love Daemon – first and foremost being because he’s beyond super sexy. Seriously, seriously, he brings the sexy times. It’s enough to give a girl a hot flash! However, there are many other reasons why I love Daemon.

First off, he’s a total ass. But he’s such a loveable ass that it makes it all ok. I know that this makes me sound a little insipid but give me a minute. See, he’s an ass in order to firm a barrier between him and all humans. After all, they say that sarcasm and being a jerk is the best defense and Daemon does that in spades.  But as you get to know his character you find out just how amazing he is!

Next, he tries to always do the best thing for his family and his people – even when it means not giving himself what he really wants. He’s rather selfless that way and you have to give the guy a hand for having that kind of power over his libido.

He’s infuriating! I don’t think that I’ve read a male character who made me as angry as Daemon does!  You think he’s about to do one thing and then he turns around and does the complete opposite!

And finally, he’s one BAMF!!! Seriously, that right there is almost reason enough to love him. He’s the Neville Longbottom of the alien world.

So those are the reasons that I love Daemon Black. I have to say that I am so excited for the Onyx release (I have my copy pre-ordered along with a copy of Shadows) just so that I can own more of Daemon.

If you haven’t checked out this series yet – go now! You can start by reading my review of book one, Obsidian, right here. Trust me, this is one series that you won’t regret reading. And, if you’re a book blogger, you’ll especially love the inner blogger speak!

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