Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embrace Winner!

Remember that interview I did with the amazing Jessica Shirvington? And how there was a contest attached to it? No? Well, sadly, that means you didn't win.

HOWEVER! (much later than I said I would...) A winner has been chosen!

The Embrace winner is...

*drum roll*

Stephenie T. from Stephie's Fantabulous Books!

Congratulations! I'll be tweeting to you (since I was a moron and didn't add in e-mail addresses to the contest form... idiot...) to have you DM me your address to forward to the publisher!

On a side note, this post means that I will very, very soon be returning to regularly scheduled posts. I swear, it's going to happen as soon as I get back home - which was supposed to be Wednesday but that date has been changed - BUT hopefully I'll have a killer IMM on Sunday to share and start off a fresh week!

If you want to know the reason behind my very long absence (since December, really) you can check out my post here which explains it all.

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