Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wish List Wednesday - Number Seventy-Three

Breaking Beautiful
Written by: Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Released: April 24, 2012 by Walker Children’s
Summary: Allie is overwhelmed after her boyfriend, Trip, dies in a car accident, leaving her scarred and unable to recall what happened that night. But she feels she must uncover the truth, even if it could hurt the people who tried to save her from Trip's abuse.
With a tag line like “Does time heal all wounds” how can this not be a great contemporary? I really want to know what happens and how everything ends. I’m sucked into the story already! Also, can we all just take a moment to love this cover?


Heidi said...

This book seems fairly heavy, but good. The reality is I've been in love with this cover ever since I saw's gorgeous in a haunting way!

Erica said...

This one looks SO great. I need to preorder it one of these days.