Saturday, September 18, 2010

Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere!

As I'm typing this post, I am sitting quite literally in the middle of nowhere and am waiting for some rabid rabbit critter to jump out and bite me. Fortunately, there's a surprising amount of reception in Nowhere so I'm able to bring to you this post which I am writing while sitting on a dilapidated bench; which I am sure is about to buckle from my weight because it's so worn.

Anyways, the reason for Nowhere is that I am visiting my mum and getting my job all sorted out, so for the past week all posts were scheduled in advance - you have to just love that Blogger option...

I'm hoping to take advantage of the pub in town (whenever I can get there) in order to get some more posts sorted out, hopefully with some pretty pictures, but for now this is going to have to suffice.

But never fear, I have soooooo many books to review ans that new Easy A movie which I saw last night. So stay tuned. If luck is with me there will be a review later on tonight!

That is, if I can find my way back to civilisation. The GPS on my blackberry can only do so much... And here there's no Yelow Brick Road to follow. Or a trail of bread crumbs, though those would have been eaten by the rabid rabbits...

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